We are Indoor & Outdoor Mini Golf Course Design Experts

We have a range of different course styles and obstacles to suit our clients needs. Starting with our family course which is fully accessible and playable for players of 5 and up to our Adventure and Puzzle courses which are suitable for player 9 and up.

Most courses require 120m2 minimum for install, other than our Pocket Plonk concepts.

Our adventure course come with 9 holes as standard and theming throughout the course. A minimum of 150m2 is recommended for our adventure courses.

These courses have specific holes that are more suitable to older players of 9 years and up. These holes are optional and we can make 5+ playable themed courses as well.


Our family courses come with 9 holes as standard.

Each hole has a special obstacle and come in our Plonk Modular fairway and obstacle systems. Every course is also supplied with one instagram friendly set piece, just like the walrus in this image for the Horniman Museum and Gardens.

Courses can be painted in a range of exterior colours and we can felt the course with a multitude of different fairways options.

horniman crazy golf course

The pop up course is a great events and hire businesses product. Perfect for universities, corporate campuses as well as for property developers looking to activate space and move on.

These course can be laid out in under 30 minutes, and the adaptive nature means that you can very easily change the layout of the course and in turn engage with your customers to come back and play again.

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All course come with a a range of all sizes of mini golf equipment, balls, a club rack, course signs pack Plonk trophies, medals, scorecards, training manual, risk assessments and a basic marketing kit.

Basically everything you need to get started. If you need more stock at any time we are happy to provide you with more supplies at market beating prices both in London and around the UK.

plonk crazy golf bats