If your here, then you want to open a crazy golf business… and that’s a great idea!

Crazy golf has seen a huge boom over the past 5 years, with courses opening across the country, in bars, parks, museums and rooftops.

Crazy Golf Design

But don’t worry… there is plenty of space for more crazy golf creations! Did you know that in the USA there is 1 course per 10,000 people. In Germany there is 1 in 20,000 and in the UK there is only 1 in 70,000 people.

Let’s change that together with and one of our amazing, totally unique, Plonk Crazy Golf Courses. Check out our course design services below.


Looking for a Mini Golf Designer?

Plonk Golf was founded in London in 2014, and since then has been creating crazy golf course and games bars across London.

Now with 4 permanent venues open across London, we are now ready to offer all of our experience and design skills as services to the leisure, development and hospitality industry.

As operators with over 50 crazy golf creations from events, pop ups and permanent builds we know better than any other manufacturer what it takes to have a great mini golf course business.

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