As set designers from the film and TV industry we are pros at creating theming and set prices for your crazy golf courses. Here you can see a Temple Zone that we created for a venue in east London – believe it or not, the temple facade is actually built around an old shipping container!

Mini Golf Themes

As you can see, our texturing and paint rendering is of a high quality, with depth and detail that you would not find in your average adventure golf centre or regional theme park.

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One way to make your course stand out is to make it hyper-coloured UV.This style of course allows for almost unlimited creativity in the artistic design of the course, and promotes bold colours and unique designs.Our guests have loved our UV environments in the past, and as an added benefit this style of course can reduce the cost of physical theming.The only caveat is we do need a room free of ambient light sources to make this style effective.

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Gerald was made for the Horniman Museum and Gardens. He’s since become almost as much loved as the original, and has been promoted extensively on social media as a mascot for the course.
Items like this can make your course particularly eye catching and social media friendly. This will naturally be seen by friends of your players and increase awareness of your Plonk Course. We all love a bit of free advertising!

For many of our courses we have hand carved bespoke, large scale props. These set pieces really help to make the overall theming feel grand and otherworldly.

Our team of sculptors carve from polystyrene and then coat the pieces in long life and durable fibreglass for strength and durability.

All of our lighting designs employ waterproof LED RGB spotlights. These can change colour with the use of a remote, to create different environments and moods.

We also offer projection mapping services and designs to make your course really pop. We can either design bespoke motion graphics or purchase stock content depending on your specific needs.

With every venue also comes signs, graphics and brand. Our amazing partner illustrators and designers will get all of the signage and brand materials together for your business.

We can create brand guidelines, vector images, illustrations and install the final signage to make your venue and brand pop. May it be flyers, posters, social media assets or toilet door signs, we can design it all.